You Can Be Thin

The Ultimate Programme to End Dieting… Forever

by Marisa Peer

Marisa Peer is a hypnotherapist and psychotherapist, as well as an author, that began her career specializing in eating disorders and weight-related problems. Since then she has moved into the television arena and has many famous clients including musicians, professional athletes, and celebrities of all kinds. She is considered the best therapist worldwide by many and has developed her own transforming therapy that has caused quite a stir.

The Media Loves Marisa Peer’s Book

You Can Be Thin has been featured in many magazines, online, and newspapers. “I’m always skeptical at the thought of another ‘miracle diet’ book, but this really is different.”, writes Sarah Stacey, You magazine. “Whether you have a few stone to shift or just want to maintain your weight without going on yet another diet, Marisa promises you can do it by following her programme.”, says the Daily Mirror.

Making Right Choices

The book provides some sound ideas regarding making the right choices when it comes to food itself. Marisa prefers to abandon diets altogether and adopt her 10 step plan to stay away from triggers that cause bad eating habits. The book comes with a hypnosis CD that supports the information contained in the book.

The principles that are presented in You Can Be Thin tend to make the reader re-examine the choices they make, although these principles are less than revolutionary by many accounts. While changing a person’s thought process in regards to their eating habits is an admirable and plausible goal, some people feel uncomfortable with the idea of hypnosis. It is thought that this method of changing a person’s thought pattern opens them up to undesirable effects as well and leaves them vulnerable.

Although it may offer a fresh perspective to the dieter’s mindset, whether or not the information is life, and body, transforming is debatable.

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