The New High Protein Diet

Lose Weight Quickly Easily and Permanently

by Charles Clark and Maureen Clark

With everyone looking for a diet that allows them to actually still enjoy eating and lose weight, the high protein diets are quite appealing. This book contains a diet program that is scientifically proven to help the dieter lose weight. The sensible approach of the diet actually appears to be a doable diet for those that have tried everything without success.


What benefits does The New High Protein Diet offer consumers?

  • Appetite control.
  • Craving elimination.
  • Ability to eat delicious foods.
  • Protection from heart disease.
  • Protection from diabetes.
  • Easy and palette pleasing recipes.

This diet is said to be exactly what those that love food but intensely desire a more fit and trim body have been looking for. Although it offers recipes, there is also a companion recipe book that provides many more tasty tantalizing meals that adhere to The New High Protein Diet.

The book explains the benefits of a low carb diet while instilling the principles of The New High Protein Diet. Good carbs and bad carbs are detailed. Shopping lists and recipes are provided to help the dieter achieve their goals.

The Critics Point Out

As with any diet, it is always important to fairly evaluate what the critics have to say. In this case, nay-sayers point out that the high amount of protein actually draws water and therefore excess weight from the body and does not change the fat content of the body. While the increased protein acts like an appetite suppressant and causes dieters to reduce their caloric intake and thus lose weight, there is a concern about the body not getting the necessary variety of foods needed thereby lacking many nutrients. With any diet that you choose to commit to, be certain that you do not put your own health at risk.

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