7lbs in 7 Days Super Juice Diet

by Jason Vale

The diet that is created, used and promoted by Jason Vale has gotten rave reviews. The juicing phenomena have been very big and many celebrities are promoting it as well. The idea of losing weight quickly and without the starvation factor, while consuming delicious juices is very appealing.

Many people are ranting about the fact that they have been able to lose even more than the promised 7 pounds. That is not all; the diet claims that it has resolved a myriad of health problems. This includes breaking the power over addictions, clearing up habitual skin problems, improved respiratory functioning, and all this added to the freedom from obesity. This sounds like a miracle!

The Diet in the Spotlight

The 7lbs in 7 Days Super Juice Diet boasts that its simplicity coupled with the exercise program and inspirational message will not only cause the pounds to fall off, but it will also increase the dieter’s energy level to a new high. This powerful program packs your body full of nutrients and boosts your immunity to boot. The diet’s creator brags that it has changed his life from a chocolate binging, lager drinking chain smoker with a myriad of health issues and no energy to a successful health and lifestyle coach that is a living example to his clients. He encourages everyone that all can have the same success.

The Negative Side

Could there possibly be anything wrong with this miracle diet? Well, there is a down side to everything.

  • The Cost Factor — There is the initial cost of purchasing a juicer along with the diet. Buying fresh fruits and vegetable to juice can get pretty pricy too.
  • The Mess Factor — Anyone that has used a juicer much knows that even the most well designed juicer is not fun to clean up after. It is time consuming and messy.
  • The Inconvenience Factor — While if you are very persuasive you may be able to convince your family to drink some juice as well, it is not really convenient when traveling or dining out.
  • The Taste Factor — While some people really like juicing, many find that the juices that are considered the healthiest do not appeal to the taste buds.
  • The Fiber Factor — While juicing does provide wonderful nutrients, the solid portion of the fruits and vegetables also offers necessary fiber to your body. This fiber is lost in the juicing.

Take the entire plan into consideration before deciding this is the one for you. It’s important to know the positives and the negatives before determining if you will be able to stick with any plan.

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Mark (October 2nd, 2009)

I have used this. The amount of weight reduction depends on the individual… but it really works!

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