The Lunch Box Diet

Eat All Day, Lose Weight, Feel Great. Lose Up to a Stone in 4 Weeks!

by Simon Lovell

The magazine covers highlight another diet with every issue. The Lunch Box Diet has been in Elle, Woman’s World, Woman, Woman’s Day, Chat and a plethora of other magazines. With all the publicity and craze over this diet, it must be earth shattering.

This diet is geared toward people that are on the go all the time. In other words, it is designed for nearly everyone because today’s society demands almost everyone to be on the move continuously. This has created a generation that eats fast food and ready to eat meals daily. In fact, often this type of meal is eaten more than daily.

The Lunch Box Diet in Focus

The foundational idea of The Lunch Box Diet is to fill a lunch box, cooler, or some type of food carrying container with healthy snacks. This includes carrot sticks, lean meats such as grilled chicken, broccoli, and healthy fats like nuts and fish. Then carry this lunch box with you all day and snack on it continually.

The effects of this are:

  • You are never hungry.
  • You are eating healthier items than usual.
  • Your metabolism is actually increased.

While the principles of this diet are sound and may very well help some to develop healthier eating habits, it is not the earth shattering revelation that you would expect to follow all the hype. It is a common sense approach to curbing your hunger and replacing the unhealthy snacks in your current eating habits with healthy ones. This is the same information you may find in any health pamphlet you pick up for free. While it does promote good eating habits, it is nothing that every dieter hasn’t heard at some point.

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