Neris and India’s Idiot-proof Diet

From Pig to Twig

by India Knight and Neris Thomas

It seems as if every Hollywood star and super model promotes some form of diet plan. This makes it very hard for the common every day person to relate to someone that has never had more than an extra five pounds to shed. The average person definitely wants to look like those super models. The problem is that those super models have never looked like the average person.

Focus on the Diet

Many that want advice from someone that has been in the position of the uncomfortably overweight average person have turned to Neris and India’s Idiot-Proof Diet for help. The two women authors relate their life experiences as overweight moms in a down to earth, laid back manner that causes the reader to laugh out loud. Most readers can relate to the desire to lose considerable weight while not giving up their ability to lead normal lives. This means that they still want to be able to eat at restaurants, go to parties, and visit their friends without feeling as if they are near outcasts.

The dieter is asked to eat plenty of healthy foods and adhere to the high protein, low carb intake that is notorious of the Atkins Diet. The plan allows the dieter to eat plenty of high fat, high cholesterol foods such as red meats, eggs, and cheese.

Diet Criticisms

While the personal tone and the light-hearted atmosphere of the book are encouraging, it does seem to lack some important qualities. The nutritional integrity is thwarted by experts as not being well balanced. The book also recommends only ten minutes of exercise per day, which is extremely low. Although the commonsense principles are basic and sound, sorting through the myriad of motivational tips and commentaries may increase the dieter’s difficulty in gleaning the pertinent information.

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