In this section you will find reviews of some of the well-known books about weight loss.

7lbs in 7 Days Super Juice Diet

The diet that is created, used and promoted by Jason Vale has gotten rave reviews. The juicing phenomena have been very big and many celebrities are promoting it as well. The idea of losing weight quickly and without the starvation factor, while consuming delicious juices is very appealing. Read more »

Neris and India’s Idiot-proof Diet

It seems as if every Hollywood star and super model promotes some form of diet plan. This makes it very hard for the common every day person to relate to someone that has never had more than an extra five pounds to shed. The average person definitely wants to look like those super models. The problem is that those super models have never looked like the average person. Read more »

The New High Protein Diet

With everyone looking for a diet that allows them to actually still enjoy eating and lose weight, the high protein diets are quite appealing. This book contains a diet program that is scientifically proven to help the dieter lose weight. The sensible approach of the diet actually appears to be a doable diet for those that have tried everything without success. Read more »

The Lunch Box Diet

The magazine covers highlight another diet with every issue. The Lunch Box Diet has been in Elle, Woman’s World, Woman, Woman’s Day, Chat and a plethora of other magazines. With all the publicity and craze over this diet, it must be earth shattering. Read more »

You Can Be Thin

Marisa Peer is a hypnotherapist and psychotherapist, as well as an author, that began her career specializing in eating disorders and weight-related problems. Since then she has moved into the television arena and has many famous clients including musicians, professional athletes, and celebrities of all kinds. She is considered the best therapist worldwide by many and has developed her own transforming therapy that has caused quite a stir. Read more »