Lucy Knight

Lucy is a trained dancer and professional fitness instructor. She has seen a new approach to walking improve many of her clients’ lives in her over ten years of experience in the field. She has provided consultancy for Avon Cosmetics and produced a dozen fitness videos. Knight also regularly contributes to the Sunday Mirror, Tesco Healthy Living Club, Mother and Baby, Slimmer, Best and others. Being so successful, Lucy’s Gymball Workout for Special K actually doubled the expected sales.

Lucy’s Books

Lucy Knight has written a handful of books on weight loss, which includes:

  • Exercise Ball for Weight Loss.
  • Simply Gym Ball Weight Loss Workout.
  • Walking for Weight Loss.

Knight’s Popular Book

Her Walking for Weight Loss book takes a back to the basics approach to fitness. While she is a trained dancer and professional fitness instructor, she gives her readers a new approach to a very natural and pleasurable part of every day life. She teaches the readers to modify their current walking mannerisms to make their strides burn fat and tone muscle. By combining her techniques with a well balanced eating plan, she shows every day people how to speed up the weight loss process. She is working to create a new excitement for day to day life in her audience.

Does Lucy Knight Have the Secret to Weight Loss?

While Lucy Knight has a handful of weight loss books and fitness videos that have had some success, she is not a household name by any means. Considering that the majority of people considering any kind of diet and fitness material already know that they need to eat healthy and increase their level of activity, Lucy Knight’s material may not be labeled as ground-breaking. While she does seem to offer a variety of methods to assist those that need to shed a few pounds in her variety of books and videos, there does not seem to be any super secret that will magically melt away fat.

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