Ian Marber

Ian Marber, also known as The Food Doctor, studied at London’s renowned Institute for Optimum Nutrition and is continuing his research while working on a masters degree at Middlesex University. He regularly contributes to a number of Britain’s leading magazines and newspapers. Marie Claire, Red, Metro, Attitude, Daily Express, ES, Evening Standard and others are included in his repertoire. Additionally, Ian is an advisor and contributing editor to Zest, Healthy and Top Santé, three of the Britain’s most influential health magazines.

The Food Doctor

Ian Marber also conducts one to one counseling with clients at The Food Doctor Clinic where he is the chief consultant. He helps his clients perform lifestyle and diet changes by determining their individual needs. He has used the expertise he has gained to write a number of books:

  • The Food Doctor Healing Foods for Mind and Body.
  • The Food Doctor in the City.
  • In Bed with The Food Doctor.
  • The Food Doctor Diet.
  • The Food Doctor Everyday Diet.
  • The Food Doctor Everyday Cookbook.
  • The Food Doctor Diet Club.

What Was Ian Marber’s Motivation?

During his early twenties, Marber suffered from food sensitivities that was later identified as coeliac disease, gluten intolerance. He is now well-known as an expert on nutrition and digestion. Doctors and gastroenterologists often refer their clients to Marber. He often shares his advice on radio and television programs as well.

Many have found the services and advice from Ian Marber to be very helpful. His popularity in the magazines, papers, television and radio spots reinforce his reputation as a nutrition guru. Those that have reviewed his books have noted that his advice is very simple and basic. While based on very sound principles, the information may not be much different than any of the other diet books on the market.

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