Carol Ann Rinzler

Carol Ann Rinzler is a newspaper columnist and contributes to multiple publications. She writes a nutrition column of the New York Daily News and contributes to publications such as The New York Times, Family Circle, and Redbook. She is also the co-author of Controlling Cholesterol for Dummies, as well as Heartburn & Reflux for Dummies. She also authored the best selling book Nutrition for Dummies. Carol Ann Rinzler is noted as an authority on health and nutrition and holds an M.A. from Columbia University and is the author of more than 20 health-related books.

What to Expect from Carol Ann Rinzler’s Writing.

Rinzler’s writing is noted to have a straight-talk tone that readers can easily relate with. She pays very close attention to detail and shares plenty of charts and illustrations. Her writing clearly expresses details that the common man, or woman, on the street will not know. She keeps very up to date on the latest crazes and the truth about them.

As mentioned, Rinzler is a health and nutrition authority and therefore focuses on those issues. She does not tend to delve into the dieter’s psychological issues and what the emotional root cause of their health problems may be.

Carol Ann Rinzler has long been a health and nutrition journalist and offers in depth insights into the human anatomy, digestions, and the body’s use of foods. While Rinzler is obviously very knowledgeable in her field of expertise, one may wonder whether the contents of her writing will be comprehended by the average person. As the information may well be applicable and the charts and illustrations very accurate, can the layman on the street actually apply this information in their daily lives? It is possible that the readers may need to filter through the details that do not register as important in their minds to glean the facts that they can actually make use of practically.

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