The 100 Calorie Diet

The premise of The 100 Calorie Diet is not what you eat, but how much you eat of it. The brainchild of two sisters, Tammy and Susie Trimble, The 100 Calorie Diet is for “people who love to eat but still want to lose weight”.

The Diet

According to the sisters, you don’t have to eat low carbohydrates or low fat to lose weight. You can eat whatever you want, as long as you account for calories. In The 100 Calorie Diet, men are allowed 2000 calories and women 1500 calories – all measured in 100 calorie increments. And there are no food limitations; if you want to eat cake and pizza today, you can – just as long as you don’t exceed your daily calorie limit. Other aspects of the diet include:

  • Tools to help dieters measure their portions.
  • Emphasis on overcoming the diet mentality by taking it one day at a time.
  • A list of free foods to prevent feeling hunger.
  • Food intake is planned every day, one day in advance.

The sisters also encourage dieters to use their calories wisely; not to waste them on foods that are not satisfying.


  • Heightens awareness about the calorie content in foods.
  • No need to give up favorite and indulgence foods.
  • Encourages gradual weight loss.
  • Provides “free foods” and recipes which are available to the dieter if they are still feeling hungry.
  • Alcohol is allowed.
  • Includes a calorie counter and a comprehensive list of foods and common restaurant items.


  • It is calorie restrictive, which often results in rebound weight gain when regular eating is resumed.
  • Recommended calorie intake may be too low for people who are physically active.
  • You have to count calories and plan what you’re eating a day in advance.
  • The diet encourages the use of diet sodas and artificial sweeteners.


The 100 Calorie Diet provides us with yet another basic calorie counting approach to weight loss. While it does include some useful tips and tools to assist the dieter, in terms of the diet plan itself, there just isn’t much new to look at.

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