3 Day Diet

The 3 Day Diet is a highly-restrictive, calorie-controlled diet that lasts three days at a time. It can be repeated indefinitely, but must be alternated with four to five days of “normal eating”. There are many versions of the 3 Day Diet, but the premise for all of them is the same – a calorie-restricted eating plan that, when followed precisely, should result in the loss of 10 pounds over three days.

The Claim

According to advocates of the 3 Day Diet, the food combinations provided create a metabolic reaction which boosts the body’s natural fat burning process. The result is a cleansing of sorts; with the dieter experiencing increased energy levels and lowered cholesterol. However, while the original version of this diet has been around since the 1980s, there is little documented evidence to show exactly how the diet achieves these things or even if it does.

Diet Basics

The basics of the 3 Day Diet are these: for three days, you are required to precisely follow a specific food plan; no cheating allowed. Portions must be eaten exactly as they are specified; no over-eating and no under-eating. So, even if you’re not hungry, you are expected to eat when and what the plan tells you to. At the end of the three days, you return to normal healthy eating – no overeating – for a period of four to five days and then, if more weight loss is desired, go through the process again. This can be repeated as often as desired, as long as a period of normal eating breaks up the three-day increments of dieting. The reason for returning to normal eating is to restore your metabolic balance; otherwise, the body could be adversely affected.

Our Opinion

The 3 Day Diet is a fad diet that has somehow managed to stick around. As such, while it may serve someone wanting to lose a few pounds before the holidays or their high school reunion, this is not a diet we would recommend for either serious weight loss or weight loss with sustainable results.

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